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      "Well, I'll leave you to Pete," said Reuben, and walked out of the room. He considered this the more dignified course, and went upstairs to bed.

      "D?an't cry," he said slowly"I'm only looking in at the window."Yes, dear, I said coat, rejoined her mother, who was not aware that she was a little deaf.

      Margaret did not immediately accede to his wish, and the monk looked at her with a strange inquisitivenesssomething crossed his mind, but what could he suspect? He again asked Margaret, but she still hesitated. He started from his seat, and paced up and down the floor. He then stopped suddenly before the bed. Margaret had laid down the infant, and had covered it with the bed-clothes."Was I more than man, that I could tell the traitor Calverley deceived me?" impatiently returned the baron, as he felt, though not choosing to acknowledge it, that he had done wrong when he insisted on the bondage.


      But it is to be so, he cried. Theres no other{313} way out. Weve found each other: do you think I am going to let us lose each other? There is no other way.


      The news of these transactions had no sooner reached the ears of father John, than he hastened to the abbot of Winchcombe, for the purpose of beseeching him to demand the prisoner in the name of the church."Others?"


      When they were out of sight he walked slowly to the new ground near the crest of Boarzell, which was being prepared for the winter wheat. He made a sign to the man who was guiding the plough, and taking the handles himself, shouted to the team. The plough went forward, the red earth turned, sprinkled, creamed into long furrows, and soothed Reuben's aching fatherhood with its moist fertile smell. It was the faithful earth, which was his enemy and yet his comforterwhich was always there, though his children forsook himthe good earth to which he would go at last.If you ask him to Brighton, she said, I shall instantly write to tell him that I am not going. Thats my last word. And if you knew what has happened, you would agree with me. He wont come, but I cant have him asked.